Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lady Popular & Penguin Farmer promo videos

   Just before the annual summer brake of 2010 The PIXELSPOT produced two promo videos in addition to the advertising campaign for two of the leading online browser games of XS software - "Lady Popular" and "Penguin Farmer".

   It was a big challenge since we needed to fit in short deadlines and to follow an accomplished visual conception without making any significant changes.  Another main bullet was the limitation in the timeframe of the videos since Lady Popular was addressed to TV broadcasts and Penguin Farmer to short video presentations in fast food restaurants in different Japanese cities. The requirement was for an attractive video presentation taking no longer than a minute and containing gameplay moments from the game. 

   Here is the feedback about  our  work from VASSIL GEORGIEV - an Account Marketing Manager at XS Software JSCo:

"XS Software entrusted two creative projects to PIXELSPOT – they both were considered to be of a great importance for fulfilling XS Software audience expectations and its overall marketing strategy. Having in mind that partnership between XS Software and PIXELSPOT appeared to be a successful one, outlining the opportunity for new projects in future, there are several advantages of the up-mentioned cooperation which is worth to be shared with the rest of the community and PIXELSPOT potential clients:

- we received a great amount of creative ideas, based on the artwork limits

- every single and important detail was a theme of a separate discussion on every project stage

- Projects time frames were precisely observed.

- There is an effective cooperation regarding the projects, even after they are officially completed.

If the whole working process can be described with just a few words, the collaboration with PIXELSPOT was really an effective merging of creative minds, which encourage a long term partnership between XS Software and PIXELSPOT working team."

Commissioned by: XS Software JSCo
Animation & compositing: Aleksandar Valkov
Painting, Rigging & particles: Tsvetelyn Lyubenov
Produced by PIXELSPOT